Sol de Levante is a company established by farmers in 1996. We farm, harvest, produce, prepare, and export our products.

Located in Puerto Lumbreras (Murcia), with facilities of 2.600m2 aimed to prepare our products.

Wide facilities with loading and unloading docks, a walk- in freezer to receive the product, and a freezer for the prepared product, ready to be sold.

Wide area to handle, packaging, dining room, bathrooms and offices.

We mainly work with supermarkets located in Germany, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, and France. A small quantity of our production is aimed at the national market.

The quick introduction of this type of companies in the European market, along with the strict demands of our customers, have made us develop adapting to their needs, improving our facilities, our production base, lands, and following a traceability process from the seed until destination arrival of the product.


Fruit Logistica – Berlín

12/02/2019|0 Comments

Sol de Levante Producciones says goodbye to the Fruit Logistica of Berlin until next year. The feeling of having fulfilled the objectives and the commitment to new projects.

Eating cruciferous vegetables could lower fall risk in older people

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